Hello, my name is

Chris Tomshack

Software engineer, Co-owner, and builder of things for the web

41°29'58.20" N -81°41'43.48" W

Creatively developing from Cleveland, OH

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/ About Me

I'm a full stack software engineer

Who is passionate about design & development, creative in my approach to problem solving, continuously seeking mutually beneficial opportunities, and constantly exploring new challenges to expand my capabilities both professionally and personally.

Outside of development, I am a licensed USPA skydiver, 3x IRONMAN triathlete, and ultramarathoner with a personal mission to "seek discomfort" by facing fears head-on and always striving for more.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with lately:

  • Javascript (ES6+)

  • Next.js

  • React.js

  • Express.js

  • Redux

  • Supabase

  • GraphQL

  • Auth0

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