CHRISTOMSHACKSoftware Engineer / Co-Founder / Skydiver / IRONMAN Triathlete
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My First Triathlon - IRONMAN Cozumel
"If you have to prove something to someone, make that someone yourself"
RACE MORNING - I slept through the night until an undying urge to...
Goal Setting - How To Set Goals And Why You Should
In 1979, Harvard conducted a survey wherein they asked the graduating MBA class: “Have you set clear, written goals for...
How I Increased My Reading Speed By 300% In 20 Minutes
"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” - Harry S. Truman
You have probably heard this quote, or were told something...
The Spending Problem You Didn't Know You Have - The Deridot Effect
Picture This - You’ve been working out for a while and your friend is constantly pressuring you to come to a crossfit class at their gym. After all, your friend has a...
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A full-stack application that modernizes the skydiving industry by providing real-world, programmatic solutions to skydivers and skydiving drop zones worldwide
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A full-stack web-application that makes API calls to a relational database via Next.js & GraphQL that hosts blost posts and images, author information, and related comments from guests
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A full-stack e-commerce store "Baked by FullStack" with user authentication for multiple roles (Users / Admins / Guests) and stripe integration for a complete shopping experience